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Important Changes Coming - Your GM needs your input!

I've been working hard to recruit (not much luck) and form alliances with other guilds (much more productive). At this point, we have several options available to our guild and I want to get your feelings on this matter as well.

<Bringers of Chaos> and <Rollin wit my gnomies> are two guilds that have already been working together cooperatively to fill out 10 mans. After having a discussion with their guild masters in vent, we set up an arrangement to invite them to our 25 man group. Between the 3 guilds, we should be able to field a solid, stable 25 man run. Both the guilds are laid back, but serious about the game. The folks I saw impressed me as mature and reliable.

I've also spoken with a husband and wife team that don't wish to leave their small, social guild. They have about 5 folks that would like to raid, including tank and heals. I've invited them to the Friday raid to fill out group 2.

Possible Merger
Sellwind (GM), Lardin, Kasic, and others from our old guild <Legion of Chaos> have formed a new guild themselves called <Unholy Arms>. Like us, they have a near full 10-man group and have gone 7/12 a couple times. Our group is comparable in skill level and a merger would be a good fit, likely providing 3 stable ICC teams. I also had a long conversation with Sellwind and the officers about this. In any merger, one guild has to /gquit and join the other. While there was willingness to go with either guild, Sellwind's group has a bit more invested in their bank and stand to lose more if they left and joined us.

In summary, we can join with a guild of (good) folks most of us are already familiar with, and still maintain the Alliances already made above. The last time I was part of a guild merger, we created the most successful guild on the server. I'd like to do that again :-)

Please let me know if you have any objections to the above. Check out the members in the guilds. If everything is cool, we'll set a date for a merger with Sellwind's group and join up. I'll put the date in the guild message of the day at least a week in advance, and after I've been able to talk with everybody about this.

7/14/10 With the exception of a few folks I haven't been able to talk with, everyone has been in agreement about the move. Plan on doing a /gquit and ask Totem or another officer for an invite to Sellwind's guild by 7/21.
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